Terms and Conditions of Purchase

  1. All scans and the body map, expire 12 months from the purchase date. A booking must be in place before this time.
  2. PLEASE NOTE: Packages bought using the Black Friday Discount must be used by the end of February 2023

  3. Packages of scans can be shared between friends or family members, so long as all  parties attend their scans together, at consecutive appointments.
  4. Any scan purchased can be used on any one of the advanced scans provided by My Vital Metrics - so long as the purchaser qualifies for the particular scan
  5. Multiple scans (of different  kinds) can be taken in a single booking - you will be able to select a multi-scan booking to do this.
  6. Only a single coupon code or promotion can be applied to any one purchase, and cannot be used at all for Gift Cards or payments made with Klarna

    Cancellations and Refunds

  7. Scans bought in a package or individually but not taken, may be refunded.
  8. Any refund for change of mind or circumstances will incur administration fees.
  9. The Administration fees will be £25 plus the applicable merchant fee that has been charged. This may be as low as 2% or as high as 6% for international cards or delayed payment methods (such as Klarna)
  10. My Vital Metrics will calculate the best possible price for the scans taken at current prices and deduct this and the admin fees above from the refund
  11. Scans which have have less than 3 months till expiry, or which have expired no longer have any monetary value and refunds cannot be provided for these.


  12. Bookings must be done online via the booking portal, or by emailing bookings@myvitalmetrics.com
  13. Bookings may be changed or cancelled up to 24 hours before the booking.
  14. Bookings cancelled or changed within 24 hours or bookings for which the client fails to show up for their appointment are forfeit and have the same status as a booking which has been taken, or a purchase which has expired
  15. Please allow the full time for your booking, and always arrive 5 minutes before, to give you time to sign-in

    DEXA Scans

  16. DEXA Scans are subject to particular terms as this is a regulated activity.
  17. Clients presenting for a DEXA scan must sign a disclaimer and referral and make satements about their eligibility to undergo the scan Among the statements they must attest that
    1. They have not had a DEXA Scan in the last 6 weeks and not more than 6 in the last 12 months
    2. they are able to maintain a still lying position for 3-4 minutes.
    3. they have no reason to suspect they are pregnant
  18. If a client is inegible for a DEXA Scan on that occasion, My Vital Metrics may request the customer undergo another type of scan if appropriate, or may offer a new appointment.

    VO2Max Scans

  19. Clients will need to attest to their readiness to take a submaximal test
  20. In addition, My Vital Metrics will need to  take a medical questionnaire to  assess  suitability of the VO2Max test as it is extremely intense
  21. My Vital Metrics may, on the  basis  of the medical questionnaire, advise against or refuse to proceed with the test if there are medical contraindications.
  22. In this circumstance, the customer will be offered another type of scan, or credit voucher for future use of another type of scan.
  23. My Vital Metrics has facilities to shower or wash afterwards, and clients if clients wish to take this up, should bring a towel and toiletries to their appointment.

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