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Power through your goals with advanced analytics on your body

My Vital Metrics’ advanced body composition and metabolic tests are the perfect complement to your training programme, and can help you set the right goals for your summer training this year.

Here are the tests My Vital Metrics is offering.

For Body Composition, we use the gold standard DEXA measurement. You will be able to see the exact amount of fat, muscle, and bone in your body, as well as where it is, and what that means for your health. You can find out more about DEXA here

For calorie control and food, we have the gold standard Resting Metabolic Rate test via indirect calorimetry. This measures your actual oxygen consumption rate to calculate the exact number of calories you burn at rest. It answers the questions ‘Do I have a fast or slow metabolism?’ and ‘how much should I really be eating?’. You can find out more about RMR here.

And each of our advanced tests comes with London’s fastest and best 3D Body Map. This will take images of you from every angle and stitch them into a 3D Image which you can view on an app. It also takes all your circumference measurements, and we include a postural assessment with the map. You can find out more about the 3D Body Map here 

To purchase your scans just click the link below to go to the pricing page, select the pack you’d like to purchase and enter the discount code below to apply the discount.