JustEat reported a total of 65.3 million deliveries in the first quarter of 2020, highlighting just how many takeaways we are consuming. To combat this unhealthy habit, it has been argued that labelling foods with the physical activity needed to burn off calories would be an effective way to encourage healthier dietary choices in the future. As a result, My Vital Metrics sought to find out what this could entail. 

MyVitalMetrics.com analysed 15 of Deliveroo’s most delivered takeaway dishes over the past year to identify which are the most calorific. To put the numbers into perspective, My Vital Metrics explored just how long it would take to burn off the calories in our everyday lives by walking, jogging, cycling, cleaning, dancing, and gardening. The figures below are based on  population averages, but everyone’s Metabolic Rate is different, meaning they burn calories at a different rate, depending on how much muscle and fat they have.

1.   TGI Fridays: Friday Whiskey-Glazed Sesame Chicken Strips (1840 calories)

My Vital Metrics can reveal that TGI Fridays ‘Friday Whiskey-Glazed Sesame Chicken Strips’ are Brits’ favourite most calorific takeaway, containing a whopping 1840 calories per serving! The delicious appetiser takes a lot of work to burn off the calories, which leaves us wondering whether it’s really worth it.  

My Vital Metrics found, to burn off the chicken strips, males would need to complete 343 minutes of brisk walking, whilst females have the harder task of 399 minutes – the equivalent of walking to the top of Scafell Pike Mountain. 

Alternatively, to burn off this dish by jogging, men would need to take part in the activity for 145 minutes, and females would need to run for 169 minutes. On average, Brits would need to run over half of the London Marathon to burn off this feast!

With summer in full force, landscaping has become a priority as more people pick up their garden tools. My Vital Metrics found it would take males 325 minutes and females 380 minutes to burn off the calories by gardening. 

If exercise isn’t your thing, household chores are a great way to burn calories. The research uncovered that it would take 521 minutes for males and 607 minutes for females to shed the meal through household cleaning – a total of 9 hours and 24 minutes of chores, on average. 

2.   Crust: Diavola Pizza (1260 calories)

The second most calorific takeaway loved by Brits is Crust’s ‘Diavola Pizza’, which contains 1260 calories per pizza! As pizza isn’t likely to be on your nutrition plan, females would need to take on 116 minutes of jogging and males would only need 99 minutes to counteract this pizza’s calories. 

My Vital Metrics discovered that, at a moderate pace, men would have to cycle for 122 minutes to burn off the pizza and women would have to do so for a whopping 160 minutes – an average of 2 hours and 1 minute.

Furthermore, we also discovered that men would need 223 minutes of gardening to burn off the Diavola pizza, and women would need a whopping 260 minutes to burn off this family favourite. Women would have to partake in 416 minutes of cleaning and men would have to clean for 357 minutes – an average of 6 hours and 26 minutes.

3.   Wagamama: Chicken Katsu Curry (1076 calories)

Of the UK’s favourite meals, Wagamama’s ‘Chicken Katsu Curry’ ranks as the third most calorific takeaway. The meal has 1076 calories, which accounts for a huge chunk of the government’s suggested daily calorie limit, which is 1,600 to 2,400 for women and 2,000 to 3,000 for men. Of course, everyone is individual, so if you have a fast or slow metabolism, your requirements may be different.

My Vital Metrics found that if women are looking to burn off this Wagamama favourite, they would need to walk for 234 minutes, whilst men would have to walk for 201 minutes. This is the equivalent of 62 trips up the Eiffel Tower! They also found that women would need to run for 99 minutes to burn off the calories, whilst men would need to jog for 85 minutes – an average of eight miles in total. 

If men are going for a meal before a night out, they would need to dance for 169 minutes to burn off the famous Chicken Katsu Curry, whereas women would need to do so for 199 minutes. Alternatively, to burn off the calories using household chores, men would need to clean for 305 minutes and women for 355 minutes; an average of 5 hours and 30 minutes.

4.   Tortilla: Grilled Chicken Burrito (1049 calories)

The fourth most calorific meal loved by the UK is Tortilla’s ‘Grilled Chicken Burrito’. The burrito, which contains 1049 calories, requires men to walk for 196 minutes and women to walk for 228 minutes to burn off the meal. Alternatively, men could take an 83-minute jog and women could take a 97-minute jog to shed off the burrito’s calories – an average of 7.8 miles. 

If exercise isn’t your thing, women could partake in 193 minutes of general dancing to burn off the meal, and men 165 minutes. Similarly, landscaping could help you burn calories, with men having to work in the garden for 186 minutes, and women for 217 minutes, to burn off the burrito’s 1049 calories. 

5.   Five Guys: Cheeseburger (980 calories)

Five Guys’ Cheeseburger ranks as the fifth most calorific favourite, with a total of 980 calories per serving! Although this is fifth on the list, Brits still have to do a lot of work to shed the takeaway.

To burn off the Five Guys favourite, women would have to jog for 90 minutes in the gym or fitness studio, whereas men only need 77 minutes – an average of 84 minutes between them. Brisk walking takes almost 115 minutes longer (on average) than jogging to shed the burger’s calories, with men needing to walk for 183 minutes and women for 213 minutes.

When completing household chores, women would need to complete 323 minutes of chores to burn off the cheeseburger, whereas only 277 minutes is necessary for men!


Other honourable mentions include:

  • Mod Pizza: Mad Dog Pizza (960 calories)
  • GBK: Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Burger (905 calories)
  • Roosters Piri Piri: Half Chicken (864 calories)
  • Mission Burrito: Chicken Burrito (810 calories)
  • Harbourside Fish and Chips: Cod and Chips (786 calories)


MyVitalMetrics.com analysed Deliveroo’s most ordered takeaways and surveyed 2,628 Brits, asking them to choose their favourites from the list, to ultimately determine the UK’s top 15. Once the top 15 had been decided, MyVitalMetrics.com usedMyFitnessPal’s calculator to discover how many calories it takes to burn off our favourite takeaways.  

MyVitalMetrics.com used NHS stats to discover the average weight for males and females in the UK in order to work out the number of calories burned per activity, as different weights burn calories at different speeds. 

The calories per meal were found using each brands’ nutritional information, however Crust and Mission Burrito’s information are not listed officially so were found using MyFitnessPal and Fitbit’s analysis. 

It should be noted that everyone’s calorie expenditure rate is different, and can only be found via direct measurement or by understanding body composition more accurately