Pricing for All Tests & Scans

The best fitness and body composition metrics needn’t cost the earth

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Group 1255
Body Composition Test Pricing

Pricing for All Tests & Scans

The best fitness and body composition metrics needn’t cost the earth

Group 1255
Packages are single tests or multiple tests, to be mixed & matched taken up to 1 year from purchase
Bundles are groups of tests focused around a single goal to be taken all at a single appointment

Frequently Asked Questions for scans and packages

Group 1206
How long do I have to take the scans in my package?

All scans or scan packs have an expiry date of 1 year, taken from the date of purchase

How do I book a scan when I have already bought a package?

Just go straight to the booking page and book your scan(s). Please use the same email address as when you bought your package. Our system will match up the rest, and if you’ve overbooked, we’ll get in touch. Any scan credit can be used on any of the advanced tests and scans we offer: Resting Metabolic Rate, VO2Max and FatMax, and DEXA.

Can I redeem more than one scan in an appointment?

Absolutely. If you’d like to have a DEXA as well as a VO2Max or FatMax, or RMR, plus any addons like blood tests or supplementary DEXA Scans, , you can do this – check to see if any of the ‘bundles’ offer the combination you are looking for, or book a ‘build your own’ and add in all the services you want. 

Can I get a refund for unused scans in a package?

If you have scans left over in your package, and you no longer wish to take them, please get in touch. We will find the best option for you by which you can pay for the scans you’ve taken, as if you hadn’t bought that package, less administration and bank charges

Please note, we cannot issue refunds for scans which have expired or are within 3 months of expiry

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    DEXA Bone Density

    Blood Testing

    Functional Movement Assessment

    Muscular Strength and Size

    Muscle O2 (coming soon)


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