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Professional Phlebotomy Service

We can accept any Blood test phlebotomy kit and perform the venous blood draw for you. 

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What is a Phlebotomy Service?

There are an increasing number of services to test blood for health checks or to monitor conditions. 

These would usually involve you selecting and purchasing the test yourself online, and then arranging a blood draw

With a professional phlebotomist on site to help with this, we can perform the blood draw for you in a safe and convenient location, just near Moorgate and Liverpool Street Stations. 

Quick appointments with a short lead time

As soon as you have your blood draw kit, you can make a booking with us, with as little as 16 hours notice. 

We only operate this service currently Monday to Wednesday, as the blood kits then need to be posted, and we have to minimise the time spent lying in a post box to ensure that the blood arrives in good condition. 

What is the Booking Procedure? 

Just go to our booking engine, and select the slot you would like to come in and book.

You will need to ensure the following:

  • That you are well hydrated
  • That you have followed any instructions about fasting 
  • that you bring the full phlebotomy kit as provided by your testing company
  • you understand that we will draw the blood and pack the tubes back into your kit safely, but it is your responsibility to then follow the instructions for safe posting.

How Much does our Blood Draw service cost?

Our service costs £45. Which covers the phlebotomist’s time, and the single use PPE and any other hygiene equipment needed.


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