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Our mobile DEXA unit brings body composition analysis directly to professional sports clubs.

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Why choose a DEXA?


➔ Assess body composition

➔ Enhance athletic conditioning

➔ Facilitate injury rehabilitation

➔ Evaluate training effectiveness

➔ Optimise nutrition


Access the unrivalled accuracy and insights of a professional DEXA scan, right from your home club.


Prioritise the well-being and performance of your athletes with the MVM mobile DEXA service.

Why choose body composition analysis?

Body composition scans offer invaluable insights crucial for athlete health and injury management, as well as offering avenues to incremental performance enhancement.

For instance, in cases where an athlete is suspected to be experiencing chronic Low Energy Availability (LEA), these scans can provide critical information.

Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) in profiling the body composition of athletes across various sports (Bartlett et al., 2020) and among diverse ethnic groups (Zemski et al., 2019). DEXA scans have been employed to monitor the maintenance of optimal body composition throughout intense, competitive seasons (Harley et al., 2011; Lees et al., 2017) and to assess the risk of injury and recovery by examining left-right limb asymmetry (Jordan et al., 2015).

Including a body composition scan in conjunction with bone density assessments is best practice, as it provides additional, vital information about the athlete’s health. This can be especially relevant when addressing concerns like very low body fat levels or lean mass atrophy.

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Why choose a mobile DEXA service?

Access to accurate assessment has traditionally been limited by the need for athletes to travel long distances to specialised facilities, spending time away from their training routine.

Our mobile DEXA service addresses this challenge by bringing the DEXA scan directly to professional sports clubs.

This eliminates travel time, increases accessibility, and allows athletes to be evaluated in a familiar environment.

Now, your team can benefit from a professional body composition and bone density analysis, right on site.

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On-Demand Body Composition Analysis

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Accessible & Affordable

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Optimised Training & Performance

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How is MVM regulated?

My Vital Metrics is fully regulated by the CQC for diagnostic and imaging services (Provider number: 1-8419106422) and the Health and Safety Executive. As required by our registration we have a consultant Radiation Protection Advisor.

As we are not undertaking scans for the purpose of research, but for health assessment and performance improvement, ethics approval is not required – we work on consent approval by the club and the athlete and operate under the guidelines set out by Public Health England.

How does a mobile lab work?

The mobile lab requires a drive-up parking area of 8m x 4.5m and needs a good power supply within range of an extension cord. After that, we’re good to go.

What data do I get at the end?

Individual reports will be sent to players as well as the designated party in the club, and all data will be sent in a consolidated spreadsheet format at the end of each session, making them easily accessible for practitioners on-site.

How does a DEXA scan compare to skinfold callipers?

DEXA is the preferred method for evaluating body composition in professional sports, including football, as it offers numerous advantages over traditional skinfold callipers.

DEXA stands out in terms of precision and accuracy, providing highly precise measurements of fat mass, lean mass, and bone density, while skinfold callipers are susceptible to variation depending on practicioner skill, and require the same practitioner each time. Additionally, the conversion from mm of skinfolds to estimations for body fat and lean mass figures can be problematic in athletes specifically. 

A DEXA scan delivers comprehensive data that goes beyond body fat, including critical information about bone mineral density and other health-related parameters, making it valuable for long-term athlete well-being. 

DEXA’s individualised analysis capabilities allow coaches and sports scientists to tailor training and nutrition plans to specific areas of improvement, whereas skinfold callipers lack this versatility.

The data from a DEXA scan can play a pivotal role in injury prevention by identifying potential risks related to bone health and muscle imbalances, a feature absents in skinfold calliper assessments. The ability to continuously monitor an athlete’s body composition changes and use this data for adjusting training and nutrition plans is another significant advantage offered by DEXA, which skinfold callipers cannot provide.

It also guides precise nutritional recommendations, aids in the early detection of health issues, minimises human error, supports data-driven decision-making, and contributes to improved recovery strategies.

DEXA’s precision, comprehensiveness, objectivity, and ability to offer individualised insights make it a superior choice over skinfold callipers when assessing body composition in professional football, with a focus on both performance and health.

How much does it cost?

We offer either pay-as-you-go or annual pricing, both of which are calculated per squad (up to 50 team members).  

A 1-day DEXA scan starts at £1500, while an annual pass starts at £4500. 

For more info on our pricing please view our pricing tables, or get in touch to explore options for your team,  

Do you offer an annual subscription?

Yes! Choosing our annual pricing lets your team receive body composition analysis for the full calendar year. This includes 3 DEXA scans for body composition and 1 for bone density. 

Who will carry out the assessments?

All assessments will be carried out by fully qualified sports scientists/sports nutritionists. Initially, the Founder Owen will be operating the DEXA.

What's the capacity of the mobile unit?

As we have a top-of-the-line DEXA scanner, each body composition scan only takes 3 minutes. We allow 10 minutes per player to come in and get scanned, meaning we can scan up to 50 players per day.

If you choose to add a clinical bone density scan in addition to the body composition scan, it takes approximately 15 minutes to complete per player. 

Is a DEXA scan safe?

Yes, a DEXA scan is incredibly safe. The DEXA uses low-level X-ray beams. The amount of radiation from a single scan is incredibly low, roughly equivalent to a day’s worth of background radiation, or the radiation from a flight from London to Paris. 

Our DEXA Scanners are regularly checked and calibrated to ensure that they are safe to use. We also limit the number of scans that person can take in a year to a maximum of 6, with individual scans being taken no less than 6 weeks apart.

Get Started with My Vital Metrics Today

At My Vital Metrics, we’ve revolutionised the way professional sports clubs can assess and optimise their athletes’ performance and health.

For too long, the inaccessibility and exorbitant costs associated with DEXA scans have posed significant challenges to clubs in getting the best data available.

We’re proud to offer an innovative solution that not only brings the precision and benefits of DEXA to your doorstep but also does so at a fraction of the historical costs.

Our mobile DEXA service provides unparalleled convenience, eliminating the need for athletes to travel long distances to specialised facilities, taking time away from training, recovery and more.

It empowers your club with affordable, on-demand body composition analysis, enabling tailored training, nutrition, and injury prevention strategies. Say goodbye to the past limitations and usher in a new era of data-driven performance optimisation, all with the budget-friendly and practical advantages of our mobile DEXA service.

Your athletes’ well-being and success are now more accessible than ever.

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