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DNA Fitness Test

The My Vital Metrics DNA Fitness Test provides detailed information about how your body responds to exercise and processes food and nutrients – so you can reach your health and fitness goals faster. 

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What is DNA testing for health and fitness?

When you think about DNA or genetic testing, you might picture tracing your ancestry, finding lost relatives, or determining your ethnic mix. When it comes to health, you might have seen tests to determine your genetic predispositions to certain cancers or other health conditions 

However, DNA testing for health and fitness goes far beyond this.

Your genes are a major factor in how your body responds to exercise and processes the food you eat. Have you ever wondered how some people can have a coffee last thing at night and still sleep, while others will have disrupted sleep if they have any coffee after midday? Some people seem to gain muscle mass effortlessly, while  others will strive for years to gain a couple of kilos. Some people naturally seem to be able to run for miles without issues or soreness, while others will take 6 months to go from couch to 5k.

Genetics play an important part in all of these scenarios, as well as many other factors that influence our health, fitness, and overall wellbeing.

The My Vital Metrics Fitness and Nutrition DNA Test is a comprehensive genetic report accompanied by a professional consultation to guide you towards achieving your goals.

Depending on your goals (and the obstacles you’re facing to achieve them), the team at My Vital Metrics will personalise your DNA test to cover the areas that are most relevant to you.

Then, with the information the DNA report provides, we’ll work with you to make nutritional and exercise recommendations that work with your genes – not against them.

The DNA Fitness Test covers: 

Fat Loss:

  • Appetite Control 
  • Blood Sugar Levels

Muscle Building: 

  • Endurance 

Healthy Ageing 

  • Brain Health 
  • Heart Health 
  • Hormone Health 
  • Sleep Health 

Nutritional Requirements:

  • Inflammation 
  • Mineral Requirements 
  • Vitamin Requirements 


What’s the process for getting the DNA Fitness Test?

1. Order your Test - book collection appointment

2. Select which report you'd like from the options below

2. Attend sample Collection Appointment

3. Receive Results and book your Consultation Call for 1 report.

4. Go through results and recommendations with the Consultant

What are the Reports?

see below for more detail

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Fat Loss Report

The Fat Loss report focuses on those genes which will affect appetite, processing of fuels, blood sugar levels, how our brain reacts to different foods, and much more.

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Muscle and Endurance Report

The Muscle and Endurance report focuses on genes which influence how fit we can get, how we respond to exercise, and how to best go about building muscle.

icon vo2max blue

Healthy Ageing Report

The Healthy ageing report covers genes which will influence how our body reacts to biological ageing, how healthy our heart and vascular system can be and much more.

icon RMR blue

Nutritional Requirements

The Nutritional Requirements report covers how your body processes micronutrients and minerals. It will show which vitamins you have a greater likelihood of becoming deficient.

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Why choose My Vital Metrics for your DNA testing?

Very few DNA services focus on the actions you can take to improve and refine your health through lifestyle factors like diet and exercise.

Even fewer tests assess how your body responds to different forms of exercise, or advise on what you might be naturally good at or find more challenging.

Rather than leaving you with a long report to interpret at home, each DNA Fitness Test at My Vital Metrics comes with a personalised consultation — a well as a full report. We’ll identify which areas have the potential for the greatest impact and offer actionable recommendations to help you achieve your goals. 

Who is the Fitness DNA Test for?

Are you looking to understand your genetic strengths, as well as what might be holding you back? If the answer is yes, then the Nutrition and Fitness DNA Test is for you. 

Fully customisable to your needs and goals, DNA fitness testing is the perfect accompaniment to your health and fitness journey.  

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How much does the Fitness DNA Test Cost?

The price of the DNA Fitness Test depends on two factors: whether you have an existing DNA sample, and how many goals you’d like to work om. 
There are two ways to start: either a new DNA Sample, or using an existing submitted DNA Sequence. Each new sample will include a consultation on a single goal. If you later have subsequent goals you’d like to consult on, or all goals, you can purchase follow-up consults

DNA Report and consultation on 1 goal:  New Sample



  • Free supervised sample collection in the lab in London (optional but recommended for a quality sample)
  • Sending and processing of results
  • 30 minute personalised consultation to highlight key actions and outcomes for 1 goal area

Report and consultation for 1 further goal £85


  • 30 minute personalised consultation to highlight key actions and outcomes for 1 goal area

DNA Report and consultation on 1 goal:

Existing DNA file



  • Compatible with an AncestryDNA or 23andMe DNA Sequence download
  • Processing of results
  • 30 minute personalised consultation to highlight key actions and outcomes for 1 goal area

Report and consultation for all goals £135


  • 60 minute personalised consultation to highlight key actions and outcomes for all goal areas
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What do the reports cover? 

Fat Loss Report

The Fat loss report delivers around 25 different genes that cover how you store and process fuels, carbs, fats and sugars. It will also look deeply into how your genome is affecting your appetite and response to food, and how readily your body will surrender its fat stores. 

It will also look at how you body stores fat and whether you are at risk of having higher visceral fat, which when combined with a dexa to measure current levels, will give you some realistic goals to achieve in this area also.  

Including Markers for

Basal Metabolic Rate (UCP2)

Blood Fat Level (APOA5)

Carbohydrate Intake

Compulsive Overeating (FAAH)

Dopamine And Impulsive Eating

Fasting Blood Glucose Level

Fat Intake (Master Trait)

Fat Intake Sensitivity

Fat Metabolism (B-Oxidation)

Fat Taste Sensitivity

Fuel Usage (UCP2)

Leptin Resistance

MC4R & Obesity

Metabolic Efficiency (UCP1)

Obesity Risk (FTO)

Overeating Risk (APOA2)

Oxytocin & Overeating

PCSK1 & Overeating

Saturated Fat Response

Sex Hormones & Visceral Fat

Sugar Consumption

TNN13K & Fat Intake

Healthy Ageing Report

Includes Biomarkers for

Heart Health

Adrenaline: Acute Response

Adrenaline: Baseline Level

Angiotensin II Level

AT1R And Blood Pressure

BH4 Recycling & Health

BH4 Synthesis & Health

Blood Flow & Calcium

Caffeine Metabolism

Cardiometabolic Health

Cardiovascular Health (GLUL)

Fibre Requirement

Blood Pressure & Exercise

High Blood Pressure Risk

LDL Cholesterol Levels (PSRC1)

Risk Of Blood Clots


LPA & Heart Health

Mediterranean Diet Suitability

MTHFR & Blood Pressure

Nitric Oxide & Blood Flow

Omega-3 Requirement

Omega-3 And -6 Sensitivity

Sodium Sensitivity

Brain Health

APOE & Health

BDNF Activity & Cognition

Dopamine Metabolism (COMT)

Dopamine Metabolism (MOA)

Pain Sensitivity (FAAH)


Serotonin Synthesis

SIRT1 And Neuroprotection


Hormonal Health

Adiponectin Levels (ADIPOQ)

Cortisol Sensitivity

Estrogen Producton

Testosterone Level


Thyroid Function


The Healthy Ageing Report delivers around 25 different genes that cover your heart health, brain health, hormonal health and your response to the biological processes of ageing.

This report will highlight for you any issues which you might wish to test further and address early in order to avoid future need for medications. It might also highlight areas which, if combined with other known current risk factors, may mean that you seek medical advice for preventative action.

Biological Ageing

Age-Related Bone Mineral Density

Alcohol Metabolism & Health

ATM & DNA Damage

BCAA Breakdown

Bone Mineral Density (VDR)

Cholesterol & Ageing (CETP)

Detoxification Rate (NAT1)

Detoxification Rate (NAT2)

DNA Repair & Longevity (TP53)

FOXO3 & Longevity

Infection Susceptibility (MAL)

Protection Against Reactive Oxygen Species (UCP2)

Reducing Norovirus Infections (FUT2)

Risk Of Raised Liver Fat Levels

Telomere-Linked Ageing

Muscle Building and Endurance

The muscle building and endurance report delivers around 30 different genes that cover how you react to muscle building activities and endurance exercise and training.

It will deliver some practical considerations when training for these goals, and set some expectations on where you may come up strong and achieve natural progression with ease, and where you might find progress more challenging.


We take a deep dive into how well you process fuels to last for those longer races, how much your body responds to endurance type training and your risk of injury. 

Muscle Building

We look at all the markers which identify your likely muscle fibre breakdown, and how well you produce and respond to key muscle building pathways like IGF-1 and mTOR. We can also propose some ideal styles of training including rep ranges and tempo which may work better for you.  


Including Markers for


ACE Activity

Caffeine & Endurance Performance

Endurance Performance Potential

Exercise-Induced Blood Capillary Growth

Lactate Clearance & Fatigue

Lactate Threshold Response

Mitochondria & Energy

Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Injury Risk

Red Blood Cell Production

Resting Heart Rate & Heart Rate Variability

VO2 Max Trainability

Muscle Building

BCAA Metabolism

Caffeine Responsivity

Fast Twitch Muscle Activation

Inflammation & Muscle Growth

Lactate Clearance

Muscle Damage (TNF-A)

Muscle Growth (IGF-1)

Muscle Hypertrophy (MTOR)

Muscle Performance (ACTN3)

Nitric Oxide & Muscle Growth

Post-Exercise Recovery Rate

Protein Powder Requirement

Rep Range For Hypertrophy

Rep Tempo For Hypertrophy

Resistance Training (Sets)

Training Response (VEGFA)

Rest Time For Hypertrophy

Sarcopenia Risk

Nutritional Requirements Report

Includes Biomarkers for


APOE & Inflammation

C-Reactive Protein Levels (LEPR)

Gut Inflammation Risk (NOD2)

IL-10 & Anti-Inflammation

Inflammation & IL-6 Levels

Lactose Tolerance

Oxidative Stress (SOD2)

Oxidative Stress Risk (GPx-1)

Oxidative Stress Risk (NQO1)

Plague Susceptibility & Autoimmunity

PTPN2 And Gut Health



Vitamin Requirements

Folate Conversion

Vitamin A Requirement

Vitamin B2 Requirement

Vitamin B6 Level

Vitamin B12 Absorption

Vitamin B12 Requirement

Vitamin C Level

Vitamin D Conversion (CYP2R1)

Vitamin D Levels (GC)

Vitamin E Breakdown

Vitamin K Breakdown

Risk Of Low Vitamin D Levels


The Nutritional Requirements Report delivers around 35 different genes that cover your processing of sugar and blood sugar levels, your vitamin and mineral requirements, and your key inflammatory markers.

This report focuses in on areas for which you may need to take action to get sufficient vitamins and minerals, especially if you have genes that make it hard to convert or absorb these from the diet alone.

Biological Ageing

AHSG & Body Fat

BCAAs & Insulin (PPM1K)

Improving Insulin Secretion (KCNJ11)

Insulin Function

Insulin Processing (PCSK1)

Insulin Secretion (TCF7L2)

Melatonin, Sleep & Glucose

Zinc & Insulin Secretion

Mineral Requirements

Betaine Requirement

Blood Calcium Level

Choline Metabolism

Magnesium Levels (MUC1)

Magnesium Requirement

Zinc Requirement

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