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VO2MAX  Testing

5VO2 MAX Testing

The VO2MAX test gives you the best possible measure of your overall cardiovascular fitness and efficiency. 

What is it?

Vo2Max is a shortening of the Maximum (Max) Volume (V) of Oxygen (O2) which your body can process when you are exercising at the limits of your ability.

The higher the amount of Oxygen you can process the fitter you are and the better adapted to cadriovascular training. 

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What do you get at the end?

We will give you and explain a detailed report showing you just how your body reacts to exercise. This will include the energy mix of carbohydrates and fat you are burning at any given intensity, and of course give you your  Vo2Max figure. 

How long is a VO2Max test?

The test itself is up to 20 minutes. It will take some time to get the equipment set up, and for us to fit your mask, and go through the questionnaire and health screening. After that we will spend some time going through the results. Allow a full hour in total.

What equipment is used?

We are able to do a VO2Max on a stationary bike and/or a Treadmill

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What is the procedure?

At My Vital Metrics, because of the practicalities of the lab, we perform Submaximal tests. A true maximal test would have you reaching your absolute limit, and would frequently then result in you either passing out, vomiting, or both. 

Come to your test ready for exercise. We  will put a  mask over  your  face which  will ensure that all your exhaled air goes into a tube and into the machine. We will then get you starting to exercise on the machine in steadily increasing intensities, until such time as it indicates it has sufficient data. We will then get you to cool down gradually and rest.

How does it work?

As you increase the intensity during an exercise session, the number of calories you are burning will increase as well, as you are consuming more Oxygen (see the section on RMR testing). However, your body will only allow consuming a certain volume of oxygen per minute, and this will depend on how much you train in that range. The more high intensity or longer exercise sessions you do, the greater the volume your body will allow.

There comes a point therefore where you can increase the intensity (for a short time) but the body will simply not process any more oxygen. This is the point at which you’ve reached your Vo2Max. 

MVM Client doing VO2Max

Why would I want to do a VO2Max test?

There might be situations where you need to do this test. Certain professions like working on an oil rig, or becoming a diving instructor will require a minimum VO2Max score which is independently tested, and we are able to perform these tests in this scenario. 

Other than that the VO2Max and the associated report can help a lot with training for cardiovascular type events. You can get a real undersanding of how fit you are, how much of a journey you have to go on, ow safe it is to push to certain levels of effort and a whole lot more. 

How much does a VO2Max test cost?

We have tried to keep our pricing as easy to understand as possible. For a full schedule of prices for all tests/scans and memberships, please click here, but the basic pricing is to the right:

Number of tests Cost Validity Period
1 Scan/Test £135 3 months
2 Scans/Tests £235 12 months
3 Scans/Tests £325 12 months
4 Scans/Tests £385 12 months

How do I read my VO2Max results?

The first part of your VO2Max results looks like this. Here you can see a number of things:

You can see in the first row what heart rate you were at at the start of the test, and when you hit your Aerobic Threshold, Anerobic Threshold, and your actual measured peak heart rate on the test. It also projects what your peak heart rate would be when you hit your VO2Max. 

The second row shows the Volume of Oxygen being processed by your body when you hit each of the milestones described above.

The last row tells you how many calories per hour you are burning at each of the milestones. 


VO2Max Table of Results
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The main graph of your VO2Max test will show you how much fat and how much carbohydrate you are burning at different heart rates.

The purple bars are fats, the yellow bars are carbohydrates. As you can see, as you increase heart rate you are progressively burning more calories, and more of them from carbs. 

By analysing your particular pattern, we can suggest the best zones for you to train in to make the body more efficient, and get the best bang for your cardio buck. 


Who can do a VO2Max?

Unfortunately, because of its intensity, we do not agree to do a VO2Max with everyone. to the right are a list of conditions which would disqualify you from doing it unless you have a doctor’s letter specifically allowing you to partake in a maximal exercise test. 

Aside from these conditions however, the VO2Max is not for the faint of heart, and we would only suggest it if we think the stats would really benefit the customer. 

If you answer yes to any of the below, the VO2Max test may not be performed. If in doubt – please email us, or use the whatsapp contact button in the bottom right of each page

Do you have any diagnosed cardiovascular disease, including  cardiac, peripheral vascular, or cerebrovascular diseases? 
Do you have any diagnosed pulmonary disease such as Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, interstitial lung disease, cystic fibrosis 
Do you have any diagnosed metabolic disease, including Diabetes mellitus (type I or II), thyroid disorders, renal or liver disease 
Have you experienced unusual pain or discomfort in your chest (pain due to blockage in coronary arteries of the heart)? 
Have you experienced unusual shortness of breath during moderate exercise (such as climbing stairs)? 
Have you had any problems with dizziness or fainting? 
When you stand up, or sometimes during the night, do you have difficulty breathing?  
Do you suffer from swelling of the ankles (ankle edema)? 
Have you experienced a rapid throbbing or fluttering of the heart? 
Have you experienced severe pain in your leg muscles during walking? 
Has your doctor told you that you have a heart murmur? 
Have you felt unusual fatigue or shortness of breath with usual activities? 
Are you taking any medications which affect your heart rate or breathing? 

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