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3D Body Scanning
& Mapping

3D Body Mapping

The 3D body map is great for circumference measures, but really great for aesthetic assessment of your progress. Before and after shots and progress pictures will never be the same. Being able to view your progress from every angle is a huge plus.

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What is it? 

Our 3D Body map is brought to you by BodyGee – the leaders in 3D mapping for fitness. 

The 3D body Map uses Infrared and a series of cameras, all positioned within the inside of a photo booth, to take photos of you from every angle.

These are then stitched together to form a full 3D model of you and key measurements and predictions are given.

What’s the procedure? 

First you should undress to close-fitting clothing or underwear. Step into the scanner, hold the handles and the scan will begin. It takes about 10 seconds to scan, and then a further minute for the system to create the model.

This is the fastest scan on the market and provides both a photographic as well as contour map visualisations

Ideally you should remember what clothing you were wearing and always wear the same to give you the most accurate picture of any changes.

What do you get at the end? 

Once your scan has taken place there are two ways to look at the results. You have a client app for your phone, which allows you to log in and look at the 3D model (like the one here) – pause, zoom and compare to any previous bodymap, and gives you some set measurements like waist and hip measurements, and allows you to compare these to any previous scan as well. 

In addition, we will be able to take you through the coach app to allow you to view other measurements, and look at cross sectional shape and size. Your coach will also be able to go through these with you.