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Body Composition Services

My Vital Metrics gathers together a range of Services which together can turbo-charge your  success

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DEXA Green


The Gold Standard in Body Composition measurements, DEXA will give you the most accurate picture possible of the amount of fat and muscle you have in each section and limb of your body.

3D Scan Green


A 3D body scan measures you from every angle and gives you a view of progress on the outside. When bodyfat and muscle figures don’t tell the whole story, a 3D scan will give you the aesthetic tool you need.

RMR Green


Your RMR (resting metabolic rate) will give you in precise terms how many calories your body is consuming at rest. This can inform your diet for either gaining mass or losing weight.

VO2Max Green

VO2Max - Exercise Efficiency

VO²Max is the ultimate measure of cardiovasular fitness. A high figure means you’ll be able to work out for longer at higher intensities.