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Frequently Asked Questions for Scans and Packages

How long do I have to take the scans in my package?

The 3-pack and the 6-pack scan packages have an expiry date of 1 year, taken from the date of purchase

How do I book a scan when I have already bought a package?

Once you have bought a package, you can get to the booking page directly by following the link on the Pricing page

Can the scans I have bought in a package be used on any of the tests or scans you offer?

Absolutely. Any scan credit can be used on any of the advanced tests and scans we offer: Resting Metabolic Rate, VO2Max and DEXA. 

Can I redeem more than one scan in an appointment?

Absolutely. If you'd like to have a DEXA as well as a VO2Max or RMR, or even all three, you can do this - just book consecutive appointments from the booking page to redeem. You'll need to ensure that there's at least 1.5 hours free for 2 scans, and 2.5 hours free for all three. If in doubt, just get in touch and we can advise and book.

Can I get a refund for unused scans in a package?

If you have scans left over in your package, and you no longer wish to take them, please get in touch. We will find the best option for you by which you can pay for the scans you've taken, as if you hadn't bought that package.

e.g. Buy a 6-pack and only taken 4 scans? We will charge you for a 3-pack plus a single scan, and credit you the difference.

Please note, we cannot issue refunds for scans which have expired.

Frequently Asked Questions for Memberships

When can I take my scans and get my 3D Body Map?

You can take your 3D body map, and your first scan as soon as you've paid your first membership fee. Subsequent scans become available after the billing date for your membership - which will be the same date of the month as you made the first purchase. 

For the Metrics membership, you can only take one of the advanced scans (DEXA, VO2Max, RMR) every second billing month - so in Months 1, 3, 5. 

What if I change my mind about membership and wish to cancel before 6 months?

The 6 months membership is a minimum commitment, and our scans are offered at the best price possible on the basis of the membership being completed. As a consequence, we will not accept cancellation of memberships prior to the initial 6 month period.

Can I take all my scans as one type?

It depends. DEXA Scans can only be taken every 8 weeks. That's a regulatory limit, and we can't flex it for any reason. Other than this, you can take either the RMR or VO2Max scans for all your scans if you so wish.

How do the baseline packs work?

The Baseline pack gives you an extra set of metrics to use from the first appointment. Pay a heavily discounted rate, and you can get 2 or even 3 scans at your first appointment to get your firtness journey off on the right foot.

What happens at the end of the 6 months

When the 6 months minimum membership is over, we will continue your membership on the same terms on a monthly rolling basis, until such time as you request to cancel. If you do request to cancel, we will do so immediately, and your membership will continue till the end of your next billing date.

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