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Personal Trainer Partnerships

Expand your service offering and increase your business

Scans and tests from My Vital Metrics offer your clients tangible and objective measurement of your work with them, while giving you unparalleled insight into areas for further development.

Affiliating with My Vital Metrics will provide you with a new revenue stream, gives you access to a set of tools and services to attract and retain clients, and costs you nothing.

By adding scientific scans and tests for your clients, you can get objectives measures of what is and is not working for their goals. Your clients will love the depth of insight you are able to give them.

Broaden your client base

Increase your revenues

Enhance your Service Offering

No other single facility in the UK can give your clients the breadth of data available at My Vital Metrics.

Whether their goals are Body Composition, Cardiovascular Fitness, or pure aesthetic improvement, we  have got a battery of tests and assessments to enhance and inform their training and diet.


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