Medical partnerships

We partner with medical establishments and individual practitioners who want to offer a longevity/functional medicine service in their practice, and who want to get the appropriate diagnostics done in a professional lab.

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What we offer to Medical Organisations

At My Vital Metrics, we have collected a range of gold-standard equipment which can give you and your patients the best scientific tests and scans, which will give you unparalleled insights into the current state of  their health, and will give you the most accurate way to track their progress as you work with them

No other single facility in the UK can give your clients the breadth of data available at My Vital Metrics.

Our tests include all the essential metrics for any longevity or functional medicine programme, and can be the basis for setting a health plan for your patients that will lengthen and improve the quality of their life as they get older.

A brown, male personal trainer consults a clipboard with test results during a training session with a white, female client, who is holding a water bottle. The photo aims to illustrate the benefits and limitations of fitness testing in a personal training context.

Help your patients make genuine and lasting change

Tap into the growing interest in functional medicine

Enhance your Service Offering

Levels of Partnership with My Vital Metrics

There are two types of partnership available, depending on how many customers you wish to undergo My Vital Metrics’ tests, and what kind of relationship you are envisaging with your customer and My Vital Metrics’ tests.


Affiliation is the simplest form of association with My Vital Metrics. It involves us setting up a code for you to give to your customers. Depending on how many customers you want to commit to referring, the level of discount and commission we pay can increase.

Customers simply order the tests they want as normal and check out, entering the affiliate code to get their discount, and have the transaction tracked against the partner.

Results are sent to the client who can then forward them to the partner.


For a closer partnership, and if you can commit to a higher level of referrals, we can set up a full partnership for you.

Here we will set up a cobranded web page, or even link our website to yours so that customers don’t have to leave your site to book scans with us. You specify what services or packages you want available to your customers.

Your customers don’t pay us when they book, and we will bill you a wholesale rate at the end of the month.

Results are sent to both you and your customers simultaneously so that you can immediately support your customers with their goals.

Please send a message to enquire about Affiliation or Partnership

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