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Standardised testing for your class or challenge group

My Vital Metrics can offer before-and-after shots like you’ve never seen them before, and additionally provides real objective measures of your groups’ individual and collective successes.

Affiliating with My Vital Metrics will provide you with unique add-on services to promote participation in your challenges, fosters a sense of community and healthy competition, and costs you nothing.

By adding scientific scans and tests for your members, you can get objective measures of what is and is not working for their goals. Your clients will love the depth of insight you are able to give them.

Foster sense of community

Increase your revenues

Enhance your Service Offering

Nothing can create a sense of community and healthy competition than a challenge or class group. We know that challenges work to foster club loyalty, and achieve real results for members.

At My Vital Metrics we’ve taken the standard ‘weigh-in’ to the next level, and then some. Rather than just a weight number, which can mask real progress, we can take a detailed body composition scan. Rather than a 2D before-and-after shot, we take a full 3D image which automatically calculates all the key measurements and shows change.



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We believe your class members, challengees and competitors will love the visualisations and data we can provide. Make My Vital Metrics testing a part of your challenge today and see your members coming back for more.

DEXA for Body Composition

3D Scanning

Resting Metabolic Rate

FatMax Testing

Cardiovascular Performance

VO2Max Testing

Lactate Threshold Testing (coming soon)

Muscle O2 Testing (coming soon)

General Health Marker Tracking

DEXA Bone Density

Blood Testing

Functional Movement Assessment

Muscular Strength and Size

Muscle O2 (coming soon)


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Total Health Bundle

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