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Dietician and Nutritionist Partnerships

Base your plans on the individual, not a model

My Vital Metrics allows you to tailor your nutrition plans to your clients’ specific metabolism. No more guesswork or population models trying to predict how much they should eat.

Affiliating with My Vital Metrics will provide you with the ability to personalise your client plans, fostering confidence and compliance.

By adding scientific scans and tests for your clients, you can get objectives measures of what is and is not working for their goals. Your clients will love the depth of insight you are able to give them.

Unlock new insights for your clients

Increase your revenues

Increase confidence and compliance

You know how many different factors can influence a client’s energy needs. Yet the creation of diet plans are often still done with tables showing population models for number of calories by age and activity.

At My Vital Metrics we can offer Resting Metabolic Rate testing to determine a client’s actual energy expenditure, taking the guesswork out of creating plans.

Repeat tests can also tell you how a client’s metabolism is responding to the new regime. Additionally, detailed measurements with a 3D body map, and exact body fat and muscle measurements taken with a DEXA can be provided to really get absolute figures on your client’s progress.



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Taken together, the tests offered by My Vital Metrics can provide you with highly specific data on which you can take action for your clients. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, fill in the details below and we’ll be in touch.