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In addition to having the best equipment, My Vital Metrics also brings together some highly qualified fitness professionals, each with impeccable expertise in their field, and specialist application of their knowledge.

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Owen Hutchins

Owen Hutchins


Owen has been in the health and fitness industries for over 20 years, doing his training initially as a Sports Therapist in Australia, and adding Personal Training to his repertoire there also.

He has always had a passion for a scientific approach to exercise and nutrition, and has added a number of industry courses over the years.

He started My Vital Metrics in 2020 to bring scientific grade measurements and guidance to everyone who can use them to achieve their goals.

Now he is studying towards a Graduate Diploma in Performance nutrition with the Institute of Performance Nutrition.

Ali Richards

Ali Richards

My Vital Metrics Consultant

Ali has been a sport and fitness professional since 2011, gaining a wealth of practical experience and supporting qualifications. She has worked with a broad range of clients, from keep fitters to competitive athletes in sports including swimming, tennis and football. She has a strong track record of improving both health and sport performance outcomes.

Ali enjoys coaching people to optimise their training and maximise their potential. She believes the data provided from the testing at MVM allows this process to be as specific and efficient as possible.

Ali has a BSc in Sport, Fitness and Coaching, is a certified Strength and Conditioning coach with the NSCA and is currently studying for a MSc in Performance Coaching.

Personally Ali has been involved in sport from a young age. She represented GB in tennis as a junior and competed in cross country running and swimming at national level. She has boxed competitively in the amateurs for the last 9 years, winning the southern area title, various international box cup medals and earning an England vest.

Dean Gardikiotis

Dean Gardikiotis

My Vital Metrics Consultant

Dean’s path into the fitness industry began over 14 years ago.
He  moved to the UK from Sydney to play professional football. He played for the youth side of Middlesborough, and then the championship side for Blackpool. 
Dean has also sprinted at a high level, but now focuses on overall fitness and bodybuilding. 
This involvement in sport led him to becoming a Sport Scientist,  specialising in performance training and sports injury.
He has worked as a nutritionist and personal trainer with clients all over the work, and is also an EMS instructor.

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DEXA Bone Density

Blood Testing

Functional Movement Assessment

Muscular Strength and Size

Muscle O2 (coming soon)


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