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Introducing London’s First Fitness Lab for Aesthetic and Body Composition Assessments

My Vital Metrics uses the latest scientific, research grade equipment to make direct body composition assessments and body fat measurements – inside and out.

Together these provide unparalleled insight to drive your progress.


DEXA Green


The Gold Standard in Body Composition measurements, DEXA will give you the most accurate picture possible of the amount of fat and muscle you have in each section and limb of your body. It will also give an overview of your bone density, the amount of visceral fat you have, and areas for focus and improvement.

3D Scan Green

3D Body Mapping - OUTSIDE

A 3D body scan, brought to you by world leaders in fitness body scanning, BODYGEE, measures you from every angle and gives you a view of progress on the outside. When bodyfat and muscle figures don’t tell the whole story, a 3D scan will give you the aesthetic tool you need, and takes only 10 seconds for the scan.

RMR Green

Resting Metabolic Rate - IN vs OUT

Your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) will give you in precise terms how many calories your body is consuming at rest. Far more accurate than generic formulas, this will measure your metabolic rate directly, and can pick up hormonal and other issues. If you are serious about setting your diet right, this is the test for you. 

VO2Max Green

VO2 Max Test- Exercise Efficiency

VO²Max is the ultimate measure of cardiovasular fitness. A high figure means you’ll be able to work out for longer at higher intensities. In addition you’ll understand exactly what heart rates you burn mostly fat, and at what rates you burn mostly carbohydrates, and get a plan for improving the efficiency of your cardiovascular exercise

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What is Body Composition?

Body Composition describes what your body is made of. Sure, you may be 80kg but what is that? How much of it is bone? How  much of it is muscle, or ‘lean mass’, and how much of it is fat? 

Why should you be measuring your Vital Metrics

Tracking how much bone, muscle and fat you have is extremely important when deciding on a direction for your fitness, or just for understanding your current state of health. 

Your doctor will only measure your BMI, which is just your weight divided by your height-squared. This doesn’t tell you what your weight is actually made up of. You might have a high BMI, but a very low body fat percentage. Alternatively, you might have a low or normal BMI, but have hidden ‘visceral fat’ around your organs which might put you at a greater risk of heart disease. 

In addition to body composition, tracking your levels of fitness by measuring your Resting Metabolic Rate or your VO2Max is important because it tells you how many calories your body is burning, so you know how much you should be eating. 

Benefits of a Body Composition Scan

The Body Composition scan will definitely tell you how much fat, muscle, and bone you have, but it will tell you a great deal more than that. It also covers where you tend to store most of your fat, it will tell you how much visceral fat you have, and whether your levels of visceral fat are dangerous to your health. 

It will also look at your muscular balance, and tell you if you are under-developed on one side, which might put you at risk of injury. 

Any with all this data in hand, we will discuss with you your goals, and based on them, and the data, determine whether they are realistic or not.

Why My Vital Metrics?

My Vital Metrics is the only facility in the UK which brings together the very best scientific tests for Body Composition (with a DEXA Scan), Aesthetic and postural assessment (with our 3D Body Scan), a Resting Metabolic rate test, and a VO2Max test. 

Together, these tests give you so much more insight into your body and your current state of fitness than any one of them alone.

Together, they also will guide you on your fitness journey to a more healthy life.