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NHANES Conversion Calculator

The below calculator will convert the key results from your NHANES DEXA Scan to the real bodyfat and lean mass figures

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DEXA Scans

What does this calculator do?

Not All DEXA Scanning Services are equal. Some services use a calibration called ‘NHANES’. The NHANES calculation does a normal DEXA Scan but then will reduce the Lean mass by 5.6% and will add this value to the fat mass. 

This calibration has been shown to give innacurate results and the scientific consensus as well as the manufacturer recommendation is that all DEXA Scanners should not use this calibration

So who is using this?

Sadly some services have not followed the current scientific consensus and have continued to use NHANES. In the UK, Bodyscan, which is based in Bank and Marylebone in London uses the NHANES calculation, as well as some of the Harley Street clinics.

When should I use this calculator?

Any time you get a scan with one of the organisations above, or if you have any scan which shows ‘NHANES’ on the report like below.


Can I have more information on this?

Yes, we have a full rundown of the science and the links to manufacturers and scientific papers in our blog post here


The chart shows example DEXA body composition results taken from a DEXA machine using the NHANES calibration. There is a red circle around the "NHANES BCA" tag that indicates the calibration type.

NHANES Conversion Calculator

This Calculator will convert your NHANES- modified DEXA Results to a true results which can there be compared to other scanning services.
From the composition figures sheet please enter the following information.
Your NHANES-modified DEXA Scan told you your bodyfat% was:
Your Actual Figures are below
Your True Body Fat % is :
Your True Lean Mass is :
Your Accurate Resting Metabolic Rate is:
You Can use the above figure now in our Total Daily Energy Needs Calculator