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Composition and Metabolic Testing

DEXA for Body Composition

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On-the-spot HbA1c Blood Test

On-the-spot Lipid Panel 

Optimal Health Blood Test

Sports Performance Blood Test

Men’s Health Blood Test

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Osteoporosis Profile Blood Test


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DEXA Scans


Bundles are synergistic sets of tests and scans which help toward a particular goal. These tests are taken all at one appointment. Some bundles can be taken for two people

DEXA Scans


A Single appointment with two or three tests for one or two people


Single Composition and bone density scans

Single composition and bone density services for one or two people

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Fitness or Metabolic Tests

Fitness, movement or metabolic tests for one or two people

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Blood Test Panels (with Phlebotomy appointment)

Buy a Blood test panel with a blood draw at our London Clinic or just book a blood draw by itself

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Fitness DNA Testing

Purchase our Fitness DNA test and consultations

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Composition Membership

Our monthly membership for those who want to change their composition over a number of months


Use Pre-bought Credit or book membership services

If you purchased credits which you now wish to use, or if you have a Composition Membership and need to book your services please do so here.