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Often people look at the scales and assume their weight is the only indicator of good health.

Whilst these numbers do count, they aren’t the full picture of a person’s overall health. There are some vital metrics that give us a more holistic view of our health.

As founder Owen Hutchins came to understand the need for this level of information when first working as a personal trainer in the late 90s. At the time the only thing readily available to tell you your body fat was the pinch test.

Fast forward 18 years, and Owen, ever in a quest for better understanding, found that regular DEXA scans gave so much more information on the changes happening on the inside. Was the latest modification to his diet having the desired effect? Was there anything else that could be done to reach his goals?


On a mission to deliver the best results which scientific assessments can drive and thorough and consistent aesthetic visualisations, coupled with a seamless service, My Vital Metrics invites you to reconnect with yourself and the metrics that matter

Owen Hutchins


Owen sitting on DEXA

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